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Two wild girls want to fuck Fry the hard way!

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Now our funny Catoon friend Fry stands before 2 wild and hungry for sex girls, Leela and Amy. Fry is happy that he can please 2 girls at once. Girls are so horny that they rubbed Fry’s cock as if it was rubber toy. So many positions are spinning in Fry’s head that he wants to use for these girls. But while he was thinking what he wants’ to do, girls took the advantage and took his clothes off. Now Fry is the prisoner of two nasty and hungry girls that want to tear to pieces him and his cock.

Hard choice stands before Leela, Rubber or Real Cock!

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Leela loves sex, and like every woman she is in dilemma, what is better a juicy huge, warm big cock or a rubber many functional dildo that Bender has to offer. By watching this video you will see what Leela will do with both real and rubber cock. How she gets horny and wet when she sticks them in her tight, warm pussy. How her body reacts to natural cock, how he pulsates in her beautiful body, how real cock rubes her boobs. Or maybe you want to see how Bender uses multi-functional system to please our Heroine.