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Leela and Amy have nice girl relationships.

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Our girls after hard day came home and thrown for themselves a little girls party. They were talking, drinking and in some moment they slipped. They started to touch each other. Amy saw in Leela not a friend but more like a girlfriend, a subject for sex. After some time they began to suck their nipples, touch each other pussy’s, lick their fingers and stick them deep in their wet and juicy pussy’s. This scene makes you so hard and horny, as if you were there playing with them in their sexy and nasty game.

Tentacles, Cock and tight pussy of Turanga Leela

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Being imprisoned, our Toons are a part of the experiment that these monsters have in mind. These strange creatures are very interested in sex, so they use Leela and Fry as their lab rats and watch them fuck, suck, lick and other nasty stuff. But monsters were more curious so they began to stick their sticky tentacles in tight and warm pussy of beautiful Leela. After some time our Cartoon friends were relaxed and showed those intergalactic creatures what real hardcore sex is.