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Futurama guys go hardcore

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Do you wish to find out how the overstressed Futurama characters relax? Watch the hottest painted porn xxx comics to learn every furtive detail of their lives! To tell you the truth Turanga Leela is a sleeper and as soon as she has a chance the girl undresses and goes to bed totally nude. It is the best time for horny Phillip to sneak in and start fucking the dosing babe before she wakes up! As for Amy Wong the naughty painted girl prefers collecting bizarre dicks. This time the miniature cutie experienced a huge red dong of Kroker in her tiny ass!

Turanga Leela and Phillip Fry fuck doggy-style

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Finally the object of Leela’s adoration and lust turns his dirty male attention to the shapely one-eyed cutie! Enjoy an extremely wild painted porn movie right now and you will see a perfect wanking stuff! Cute painted couple has a furtive smoke of hashish and falls in lust. The lucky guy undresses the drawn girl and plays with her lovely titties until the naughty lady reaches his throbbing treasure and starts sucking it and taking it deep in her throat. The horny male totally loses control and drills the willing slut doggy-style shooting his cum deep inside her tight pussy!

Amy Wong tries forbidden fucking pleasures

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Do you remember a plain red-haired guy Phillip from the Futurama, who has become an object of liquid dreams for Turanga Leela? Well, now you are about to see him going really bad with another Futurama cunt Amy Wong! The guy is on his knees with his dick hot and erect and Amy’s tiny feet giving him a breathtaking footjoob! By the way Turanga Leela enjoys dirty fun, too. In the company of her slutty friend Amy the nude babe seduces a gigantic slimy octopus penetrating his soft body and caressing the ugly monster!