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Turanga Leela becomes an object of wild uncontrolled lust

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Are you ready to see an alternative Futurama, the toon you have been dreaming to behold but knew they would never show anything like this on TV. Watch extremely dirty Futurama porn comics featuring Turanga Leela either with her lovely mouth open or with her legs spread widely! Every male in the galaxy loses his mind because of the lilac-haired cutie and uses his chance of giving her a cockthrilling facial. To thank the naughty girl for the pleasure the lustful males get down on their knees to suck Leela’s painted pussy dry!

Turanga Leela proves to be the best in serving cocks

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

If you watch Futurama on TV Turanga Leela is probably one of your favorite female characters. No wonder, because the painted girl has her position in life, hot temper and shapely body! Enjoy the furtive side of Leela’s life that will never be shown on TV. First you will spot the horny one-eyed cutie with her legs spread for the love of her life Phillip. In a wink you will behold the naughty babe on her knees serving Bender’s iron dong. In any case the hottie is bound to receive a plentiful load of painted cum straight into her pretty drawn face!