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Two Leela’s sucking dick?

January 10th, 2012

Dr. Zoidberg and our friend Bender had nothing to do, so they hold an extraordinary experiment. They took our One eyed beauty Leela and made a clone of her. Amazed by such brilliant minds, our two beauties show how thrilled and amazed they are by sucking our genius minds cocks. Seeing what is going on, Zoidberg and Bender took the advantage and uses their brilliant and perverted minds to fuck these girls till exhaustion. You can see what science is really used for.

Fry shows Leela what is real orgasm!

December 16th, 2011

Do you know cartoon girl with lilac hair and one Cyclops eye? Yes it is Turanga Leela from the Futurama cartoon you have seen. She is straight in everything, but our girl haven’t felt an orgasm before, so as a good friend and companion Fry took the role of a teacher and promised her the best time of her life. Can you imagine her doing dirty things, and even more, doing those things with Fry! You want to see how it ended, how Leela naked, wet and hot felt so good that pee from pleasure. You have the chance to see how our Leela rides Fry’s fat cock!

Two wild girls want to fuck Fry the hard way!

November 16th, 2011

Now our funny Catoon friend Fry stands before 2 wild and hungry for sex girls, Leela and Amy. Fry is happy that he can please 2 girls at once. Girls are so horny that they rubbed Fry’s cock as if it was rubber toy. So many positions are spinning in Fry’s head that he wants to use for these girls. But while he was thinking what he wants’ to do, girls took the advantage and took his clothes off. Now Fry is the prisoner of two nasty and hungry girls that want to tear to pieces him and his cock.

Hard choice stands before Leela, Rubber or Real Cock!

November 5th, 2011

Leela loves sex, and like every woman she is in dilemma, what is better a juicy huge, warm big cock or a rubber many functional dildo that Bender has to offer. By watching this video you will see what Leela will do with both real and rubber cock. How she gets horny and wet when she sticks them in her tight, warm pussy. How her body reacts to natural cock, how he pulsates in her beautiful body, how real cock rubes her boobs. Or maybe you want to see how Bender uses multi-functional system to please our Heroine.

Futurama gorgeous Turanga Leela is fucked by Huge Tentacles!

October 10th, 2011

Somewhere in deep space where no one can hear you, beautiful Leela found a strange place, a planet on which live strange creatures. And the only thing what they want is to fuck. Leela was a prisoner of those monsters. You can see in this hot video how Leela gets fucked while she being imprisoned. Long and huge tentacles were in every hole of our Cartoon heroin. After few days Leela gets so naughty that juice from her naughty pussy was spitting all over the place from excitement.

Leela and Amy have nice girl relationships.

September 25th, 2011

Our girls after hard day came home and thrown for themselves a little girls party. They were talking, drinking and in some moment they slipped. They started to touch each other. Amy saw in Leela not a friend but more like a girlfriend, a subject for sex. After some time they began to suck their nipples, touch each other pussy’s, lick their fingers and stick them deep in their wet and juicy pussy’s. This scene makes you so hard and horny, as if you were there playing with them in their sexy and nasty game.

Tentacles, Cock and tight pussy of Turanga Leela

September 16th, 2011

Being imprisoned, our Toons are a part of the experiment that these monsters have in mind. These strange creatures are very interested in sex, so they use Leela and Fry as their lab rats and watch them fuck, suck, lick and other nasty stuff. But monsters were more curious so they began to stick their sticky tentacles in tight and warm pussy of beautiful Leela. After some time our Cartoon friends were relaxed and showed those intergalactic creatures what real hardcore sex is.

Leela get’s spanked by Fry

August 10th, 2011

futurama porn videoAt last Fry seduced beautiful Leela, and now they are ready for the best night of their lives. After a kiss or two they head toward the bedroom. Only two of them and their imagination are in that room. Fry’s big cock is inside of Leela’s mouth. She spits and sucks it very gently. After this short prelude Fry can’t hold much longer and sticks his huge sausage in Leela’s tight wet pussy. By watching this video you will feel how Leela’s tight pussy sounds when she has a huge cock inside of it.

Futurama goes Shemale

July 16th, 2011

futurama shemale pornDo you want to see your favorite cartoon from other point of view? You can see how girls uncover their gigantic sausages and use them to penetrate those tiny buttholes of Fry or Hermes. You will see our heroes fucking, licking, blowjob each other at home or in the yard. Huge cocks and tiny holes will drive you crazy. You will be the first to see the shemale paradise of our Toons. You will understand the moment you see it.

Our Futurama cartoon heroes are throwing the nastiest party ever

June 16th, 2011

futurama cartoon pornDrugs, Alcohol, Sex, this is how our heroes spending their time together. In this hot and uncensored video you can see Leela blowing Fry’s huge cock or many sex functions that Bender has to show to Amy. You can see the spicy action from our lovely Dr Zoidberg, his spicy huge cock covered with mustard. Mouth full of cum, blowjobs, interesting sex games in the shower, pussy liking awaits you at Sexy Toon Party. Follow them getting drunk and fucking till they get dead fucked.

Turanga and Amy open their painted pussies

January 5th, 2011

Futurama toon characters are too unique and realistic to live without sex! Of course ordinary toon has nothing to offer you here but as for our dirty porn comics, we are ready to present familiar toon girls and guys going hardcore! Watch hot fucking threesome of Turanga, Amy and Hermes with Amy riding the throbbing dong and Turanga licking the lucky stag’s balls. Alas, one human dick is not enough for the dirty sluts and they enrich their diet with bizarre alien dongs and huge dildos!

Futurama girls having a good fuck

December 23rd, 2010

What is really amazing about Futurama toon characters they are unique and fascinating, you cannot stop feeling they are exactly like all of us. No wonder it is so pleasant to behold them in dirty porn comics having wild sex! This time Futurama girls enjoy bizarre sexual encounters with alien males. Although the painted babes have human boyfriends extraterrestrial dicks are too charming to be refused! Watch Turanga and Amy riding huge weird tools and moaning with kinky fucking pleasure!

Futurama girls having unplanned sexual encounters

December 9th, 2010

Whatever you say Futurama world is a dangerous reality! Sometimes the toon characters have to fight for their lives and sleep with plasma blasters under their pillows. All the same they never know what fucking surprises are waiting for them ahead! Today Turanga Leela who enjoys sleeping totally nude suddenly felt a huge throbbing dick in her twat and had to tolerate the violent dick until the bizarre creature shot his wad! As for Amy she was put on all four and violently drilled by the iron dick of kinky freak Bender!

Futurama girls go hardcore

November 30th, 2010

Remember unique and funny characters of Futurama toon? Although the action of the cartoon is set in far future you can easily recognize human vices and desires in every painted girl and guy! Watch our uncensored sex toons featuring Turanga Leela and Amy Wong falling in lust and doing many crazy fucking things! The naughty toon girls try everything – going solo and rubbing their own pussies, wild lesbian fun with pussy licking and dildo stretching and of course the sluts enjoy many different cocks in their hungry love-holes!

Turanga Leela milks her lucky stag Phillip dry

November 23rd, 2010

You can’t but agree that Turanga Leela is a hot babe. Her busty and leggy body was created to please male eyes and lustful hands! The best comics authors depict for your total pleasure Turanga Leela behaving badly. After a shower the naughty lilac-haired girl shows yummy glimpses of her hot body giving her friend Phillip a nice hardon. Having received a nice load of cum after a breathtaking handjob the wild cutie opens her pussy to be fucked from every single angle!